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Fellow MSPA Members, please support our future school psychologists by participating in their research efforts!

MSPA supports graduate student efforts to conduct research related to the profession of school psychology.  To submit a request to post your research study on our website, please complete this pdf-fillable application  and return it to:

The person submitting the request must be a current graduate student in a school psychology program.  The link to the graduate research survey is posted as a free MSPA service to all visitors. 

ASD Knowledge of School-Based Professionals

This study aims to learn more about school psychologists' and school-based audiologists' and speech-language pathologists' knowledge of ASD and confidence in providing school-based services with this population. Researchers are looking for these school-based professionals to participate in a study on autism spectrum disorder. Participation includes completing an online survey (15 minutes). Participants will be entered in a drawing to win one of two $50 amazon gift cards.

To participate: ASD Study Link.

Sponsoring University: Utah State University

Graduate Student: Kandice Benallie Graduate Supervisor: Maryellen McClain Verdoes

Please email Ms. Benallie and Dr. McClain Verdoes if you have questions about the study.

An Empirical Study of Shortages in the Field of School Psychology

The researchers are conducting a study to get a deeper understanding of workforce shortages in school psychology around the country. The primary goal is to determine a number of variables that impact recruitment and sustainability of our workforce. A secondary purpose is to use the results to make a set of recommendations that might influence the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and state policies/legislation.

To participate: Shortages Study Link

Sponsoring University: Appalachian State University

Graduate Student: Haley Black Graduate Supervisor: Dr. Jim Deni

Please email Ms. Black and Dr. Deni if you have questions about the study.

Vision: All students will thrive in school, at home, and throughout their lives.

Mission: MSPA promotes and advocates for best practices in school psychology to improve learning, behavior, and mental health for all students, families, and schools.

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