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The MSPA Crisis Team Resource Guide - a hands-on Maryland resource guide for school psychologists seeking ways to communicate key information and intervention strategies to administrators, teachers, parents, and community members when responding to a crisis event. It reflects the continuing commitment of Maryland school psychologists to provide research-based, yet accessible information to those concerned with promoting positive coping behaviors in the aftermath of a crisis/traumatic event.

National Association of School Psychologists - the home page of our national professional organization

MSPA on Facebook - sign up to MSPA's Facebook Connection

Representation - Find your state representatives here.

Maryland General Assembly - Find bills of interest here.

Connect with Elected Officials - Send a letter to your elected official about matters of interest to school psychologists.

NASP Center - The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has created an electronic 'Success In School/Skills for Life' Online Resource Kit to provide basic information about children's academic, emotional, and social development. Handouts are free once you register. Many are available in Spanish and English. NASP will rotate and add to the topics available throughout the school year.

School Psychology Resources Online - Online resources for school psychogists, parents and educators. Find information on learning disabilities, ADHD, gifted, autism, adolescence, parenting, psychological assessment, classroom management, special education, mental retardation, mental health, and more.

The State of Maryland homepage - Visit a host of Maryland state agencies online.

The Maryland Manual Online - A guide to Maryland government.

The Maryland State Archives - The Maryland State Archives is the historical agency for Maryland and serves as the central depository for government records of permanent value. Records date from the founding of the colony in 1634 to the 1990s.

The Division of State Documents - Search the Annotated Code of Maryland (COMAR) from this page.

Annotated Code of Maryland - Requirements for schooll psychologist certification.

Department of Education Idea Web Site

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Advocates for Children and Youth - This is an independent Maryland non-profit that is active in issues related to education, health, child welfare, economic well being, and juvenile justice.

Maryland Psychological Association

Maryland State Department of Education

Maryland Coalition of Families for Children's Mental Health - The Maryland Coalition of Families is the statewide voice for children’s behavioral health and is dedicated to building a family-driven network of information and support and improving services in all systems of care for children, youth and their families

Vision: All students will thrive in school, at home, and throughout their lives.

Mission: MSPA promotes and advocates for best practices in school psychology to improve learning, behavior, and mental health for all students, families, and schools.

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