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Apply for an MSPA Grant Today! 

Dear Colleagues: 

I am pleased to announce that the Maryland School Psychologists’ Association’s Executive Board is anticipating funding to support the Professional Training Grant Program for FY 2020-2021.  Applying is easy.  Applications can be completed electronically and the amount of the grant is $1000.00.  You can find all of the forms below.   


Benefits to your LEA , Association, or Graduate Program include:

  • Quality professional development that doesn't come out of your budget
  • Ease of application process (see sample application below)
  • $1000.00 toward a speaker
  • Opportunities for increased networking with surrounding counties
  • Opportunities to remain current in Best Practices
  • Flexibility of implementation - your PD can occur anytime between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021                     

The grants are offered to support projects that enhance the effectiveness of school psychologists as local service providers.  A school psychologist representing any of the above groups may serve as applicant and project coordinator. 


Funding Priorities

1.  First-time applications and applicants who have not received similar awards in recent years;

2.   Applicants from remote counties lacking geographic proximity to the more typical training forums and sites;

3. Groups that demonstrate support of MSPA activities by indicators such as a high percentage (50% or more) of certified school psychologists as active MSPA members;

4.    Projects that reflect cross-county participation;

5.   Applicants who, having received similar awards in prior years, completed all objectives of the grant;

6.  Grants will not be awarded to LEAs, associations, and training programs using presenters who are currently scheduled to speak at upcoming MSPA Conferences.  Please see the MSPA website for scheduled speakers.   


I encourage your LEA, association, or training program to take this opportunity to submit a grant proposal.  MSPA continues to be committed to the interest of all Maryland School Psychologists.  If you should have any questions regarding the grants, please feel free to contact me.



Matt Lawser

Chair, MSPA Professional Development Committee

P: 301-431-5630


Vision: All students will thrive in school, at home, and throughout their lives.

Mission: MSPA promotes and advocates for best practices in school psychology to improve learning, behavior, and mental health for all students, families, and schools.

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